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What to expect if you’re applying near to your course starting

Find out more about applying late.

What’s available

Most students will have two costs to cover:

  • tuition fees
  • living costs

Find out about:

You can get a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £9,250 which we’ll pay directly to your uni or college.

You can also apply for a Maintenance Loan to help towards your living costs. We’ll use your household income and where you’re living during the academic year to calculate how much you can get.

Use our student finance calculator to get an estimate of how much you could get to help fund your studies!

It’s important to note that your Maintenance Loan might not cover all of your living costs. Read our guidance on understanding your living costs while studying at uni or college.

We offer extra support if you have children or an adult who depends on you financially, or you have a disability, a long-term health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty. Our extra support includes:

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for extra help from other sources.

Common questions about student finance

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What to do if you're a parent or partner

If you’ll be supporting your child or partner’s student finance application you should explore our latest guidance on how to support an application right first time.

Find out about part-time and postgraduate funding

Part-time undergraduate and postgraduate applications are now open! Sign in or create an account to apply!

Find out what student finance is available in 2023 to 2024 for part-time undergraduate and postgraduate Master’s and Doctoral students in England.

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